English - Indonesian Sworn Translation & Legalization Services

Acceptance Guarantee

We fully guarantee that our translation documents are accepted by Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights for legalization purposes including study, work, marriage, tourism, visa application, etc. as our sworn and certified translators are registered with the Ministry.

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Simple Procedures

All you need is to send us your document by email. The hard (paper-printed) version of the document translation can be sent by postal services such as JNE or TIKI. You can also order delivery services such as Gojek/Grab to fetch your document. Soft version in pdf format is available at request.

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Make It Even Easier

Our experiences show that some customers prefer WhatsApp for their daily communication. If you're having difficulty accessing email daily, you can send your documents by WhatsApp. But we still recommend email for our translation services because WhatsApp has some limitations.

Legal Documents Translation

Jasa penerjemah tersumpah Akta Pendirian, Akta PKPS, agreement, pengesahan KEMENKUMHAM, Izin Prinsip, SIUP, TDP, SKDP, NPWP, surat kuasa, dll.

Financial Documents Translation

Jasa penerjemahan laporan keuangan, transfer pricing documentation, laporan audit, company profile, form pajak, dll.

Technical Documents Translation

Jasa translate user manual, konten website, standard operating procedures, AMDAL, ANDAL, feasibility study, quality manual, instructions manual, dll.

Academic Documents Translation

Jasa penerjemah tersumpah ijazah dan transkrip nilai (SD, SMP, SMA, PT), SKHUN, rapor, piagam, sertifikat, kartu siswa, surat keterangan sehat, abtrak, skripsi, tesis, disertasi, dll.

Personal Documents Translation

Jasa translate tersumpah akta lahir, akta kawin, buku nikah, KTP, KK, paspor, buku tanah, SKCK, surat kehilangan, perjanjian kawin, surat single (SKBM), SK pengangkatan, tagihan, rekening bank, dll.

Documents Legalization

Jasa legalisasi/legalisir dokumen di kemenkumham, kemenlu, notaris, kedutaan, depag, dikti, diknas keperluan study, bekerja, menikah, pembuatan visa, wisata, residensi, dll.

Contoh Terjemahan KK

Contoh terjemahan tersumpah Indonesia Inggris

Contoh Terjemahan Ijazah PT

Contoh hasil translate ijazah PT Indonesia Inggris.

Contoh Terjemahan Ijazah SMP-SMA

Contoh translate tersumpah ijazah SMP/SMA.

Contoh legalisir Kemenkumham+Deplu

Contoh legalisir Kemenkumham & Kemenlu.

Contoh legalisir/pengesahan notaris

Contoh legalisir/waarmerking notaris.

Contoh legalisasi kedutaan besar

Contoh legalisir, attestation, kedutaan.

jasa translate dokumen

penerjemah tersumpah murah